The Hug to Employment

THE HUG TO EMPLOYMENT is a comprehensive programme for the social and occupational integration of young people through education and vocational training. It will create an innovative system within training institutions and municipalities to provide individualised support to vulnerable young people in order to prevent school dropouts and that it is possible to obtain the ESO graduate (Basic Vocational Training), the basic qualification and increase their chances of employment, connection with the labour market, social participation and social inclusion.

The project develops this methodology of individualized support for students that will be carried out through a socio-educational-emotional coaching oriented to the system, since emotion is the main part of the educational process. On the other hand, we will have a methodology for working with a Youth Coach that will influence the prevention of school drop-outs from peer to peer and not only in the school setting, but also in creative leisure. Finally, we will have a compilation of 60 good practices related to school dropouts that will serve as an inspiration framework or resource bank for other VET education professionals.

THE HUG EMPLOYMENT has the overall objective of preventing youth unemployment and increasing the number of young people obtaining basic vocational training/ESO to reduce early school leaving in the municipality of Silla.

The specific objectives

  • To provide individualised support to young people with difficulties in obtaining basic qualifications and to increase their employability, connection to the labour market, social participation and social inclusion.
  • To help each young person discover and assert their talent, their life project and their place in society.
  • Encourage the active participation of vulnerable young people
  • Developing the key competences of the 21st century in youth: critical thinking and resolution of problems, communication and collaboration, innovation and creativity, learning to learn, self-knowledge and self-learning
  • Taking responsibility for youth and developing independence
  • To create a coordinated local network of the agents involved in the socio-labour integration of young people.
  • To intervene on the motivation and orientation of the young person.
  • To reinforce self-esteem and help to build an integral life project.
  • To reinforce the key competences and skills necessary for the prevention and treatment of disruptive behaviours (knowledge, know-how and skills)
  • To optimize the personal, intellectual, social and emotional development of the young person.
  • To offer an alternative space that improves the educational experience of the youth.

To promote the incorporation to the working world.

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Project duration with dates

During the 28 months of the project, september 2019 – december 2021