Transnational meetings

First transnational meeting – SILLA (SPAIN) – 11-12 February 2020

The partners of the Erasmus+ The Hug to Employment project were welcomed in Silla by the Ajuntament de Silla in the framework of the first transnational meeting of the project. Kickoff meeting: to launch the project, sign the agreements, confirm the responsibilities of each partner and adjust the small details that may arise. To present the local work of the Spanish partners. Spain, Ajuntament de Silla

Organised over 2 days, this shared working time alternated presentations of good practices, tools and methodologies with field visits and workshops

The presentations of good practice provide a broad view of the impact of ESL prevention in vocational training through improving the reception mechanisms and the educational process in ETV in general.

Thus, the professional development of teachers, trainers and mentors is central to the project both at school and in the workplace.

On the other hand, it highlighted vulnerable sectors of the population at risk of exclusion, where dropout would be particularly harmful

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In this 2nd Meeting, the partners have begun to design the methodology guide for socio-educational coaching in order to provide individualized support to young people in all areas (family, social, educational). The guide takes into account aspects such as the methodology, planning, execution and evaluation of the coach or the person who tutors the young people, the diary and monitoring that each young person will have during their learning process, the external agents that can create synergies with young people (family, other young people, organizations, associations, sports, social …) and case studies and challenges for the coach. The intention of this guide is to develop a methodology with tools used and evaluated by the partners in order to be able to make an individualized itinerary for the young person.


Third transnational meeting – NORWAY – November 2021

The City Council of Silla presents in Norway the methodological guide to implement socio-educational coaching for prevention and drop-out though of the Erasmus+ project “The Hug to Employement”.

From the 16th to the 17th of November, it took place in Bergen the 3rd transnational meeting of the European Erasmus + Project “The Hug to Employement”, which leads and coordinates the City Council of Silla, and the formal partners  Stiching Bloom from Holland and Vestland fylkeskommune from Norway .

The project also has non formal parterns from Spain from the University of Valencia,  three secondary schools in Silla, IES Enric Valor, IES Sanchis Guarner,  Sagrada Familia school, theree secondary schools from other municipalities CIP La Costera, IES Josep Ribera, IES Jose Simarro who have extensive experience in European projects and teacher Amparo Ribes from the Universitat Politécnica de València.

The City council of Silla presented in Norway the methodological guide to implement socio-educational coaching for the prevention of absenteeism and school dropout, which is beeing pilot  in a group of the Norwegian center Arstad VGS Vestland fylkeskommune in Bergen.

During these days during the meeting we’ve been able to meet the directive team, the mediators and students from Arstad VGS Vestland fylkeskommune of Bergen where we’ve seent he importance of working for prevention dropout in order to Create networks between students and school in order to build toghether prevention.

The project intends to advise social and labor insertion for young people from the Education and it promotes talents, from the perspective of the prevention and the reduction of the tax of school dropout, giving individual support to young people . This project Works on the  Objective number 4 (Sustainable Development Goals) quality education.


Fourth transnational meeting – on line – 21st December 2021

Due to Corona and it’s six wave in Spain it was inpossible to organize the 4th transnational meeting face to face, that’s why we did it on line.

In this meeting we evaluate the hole project and it’s implementation, we decided to do a future project around the importance to have connection with youngters but we could’nt describe much more,. The idea is to fix a meeeting once Pandemic comes to it’s end because we would like to have as many young mobilities as possible.